The Juggle Podcast – Babies and Boardrooms with Jane Tandy
The Juggle Podcast – Babies and Boardrooms with Jane Tandy

Patersons COO Jane Tandy was a guest host in the latest episode of ‘The Juggle’, a podcast presented by Jo Alilovic (employment lawyer, business owner, employer of flexible workers, and mother of three) and her co-host Lucy Dickens (senior associate and mother of two).

The hosts and their guests share insights and advice from everyday jugglers, employers and thought leaders to help professional women have a satisfying career and a fulfilling family life.

Jane speaks openly about her career ambitions and how she has managed to keep them on track with a toddler and 5 year old step son. 
  • She also shared many great nuggets including: 
  • The pros and cons of keeping in touch during maternity leave  
  • Negotiating with her husband for him to take on the stay at home dad role 
  • Mothers groups – for mums and dads! 
  • The importance of having a safe place to express at work and how to organise one in your workplace 
  • Using honesty in the workplace to ensure you have time to express or otherwise be flexible at work 
  • Getting involved in organisations where women are supporting women, and stop kicking the ladder away for others on your way up 
  • Reflecting about what is important to you – and making sure you allocate your time appropriately.
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