Helping you move through a difficult time with financial advice and human understanding.
Losing a Family Member

Losing a Family Member

Not only is losing a loved one or a close friend difficult, but the financial implications can be overwhelming.

At such a difficult time we can help you understand the responsibilities of being an executor. We can also help you to understand any relevant financial matters, such as investments, superannuation and Centrelink.

If you are the beneficiary of an estate you may need advice about your options going forward and how to best utilise any inheritance. 

Following a loved one’s passing, you may find the following checklist helpful:

  • Collecting a “Doctors Certificate of Cause of Death” will allow you to make any funeral arrangements. Funeral arrangements cannot be completed until this is issued.

  • Choose a funeral director and make funeral arrangements

  • Locate the Wills, Financial Documents and Insurance Policies of the deceased

  • Notify any financial institutions and Centrelink

It's important to understand what actions must be taken after someone's passing. With this in mind, you may also consider making financial arrangements for your own estate in advance, to simplifiy what can be a very difficult time for your family and friends.