About the Canaccord Genuity Patersons Mobile App
About the Canaccord Genuity Patersons Mobile App

Browse your portfolio, read the latest market research, and manage your Canaccord Genuity Patersons account. Available on iPhone and Android.

PLEASE NOTE: On both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store there is an app for an Indian company called Paterson Securities (no 's' after Paterson). This is not our app. Please use the links below to download our app or search "Patersons" (with an 's') to find our app in the relevant app store. Look for the icon below with a black "cg/" on a white background.

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The Canaccord Genuity Patersons mobile app

Powerfully simple portfolio reporting

Access a comprehensive suite of account statements, including current and backdated holdings statements, orders, transaction ledgers, and trade confirmations. In addition to our standard reports, our Accolade clients also have access to detailed reports on capital transactions, cash transactions, income and expenses, realised and unrealised capital gains, portfolio performance, and consolidated quarterly and annual tax reports. All reports are generated at the moment they are requested (using 20 minute delayed market pricing) ensuring you always have up to date information on your accounts.

Secure online account management

Update your contact details and linked bank accounts online, as well as authorising account changes requested by joint signatories.  All changes to sensitive data require a PIN code to be sent to your registered mobile phone, ensuring a double layer of verification is enforced before a request is accepted. We keep you informed throughout the process, notifying you by email when a request to change account information has been made and again once the request has been processed.

Access the complete library of Canaccord Genuity Patersons Research products

Whatever your financial goals and investment strategy may be, our expansive library of research publications can help equip you with the knowledge and insight to move forward with confidence.

Comprehensive research coverage and market data

Current market data, in-depth analysis, investment recommendations and detailed company financials for stocks listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Singapore Stock Exchange, Euronext, Irish Stock Exchange, German Stock Exchange, Spanish Stock Exchange and Italian Stock Exchange.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Mobile App if I have never been set up on the Canaccord Genuity Patersons Client Portal?

No. You need to be set up on the Client Portal first before you can access the app. Please contact your Adviser if you need a Client Portal account created for you.

How do I log into the app?

Please use your Client Portal login details to log into the app. These login details consist of a Personal Access Number (PAN) and password. If you don’t know your PAN or password you can request a PAN reminder or new temporary password on the app login page or via the Client Portal.

What is a Personal Access Number (PAN)?

Your Personal Access Number (PAN) is a unique number assigned to you. It is used as your username for both the Canaccord Genuity Patersons Client Portal and Mobile App. If you have been set up with a Client Portal account in the past you would have been sent this PAN in an email. If not, you will need to ask your Adviser to set up and account for you. If you know you’ve been sent a PAN in the past but can’t remember it, you can request a reminder email be sent to you from the app login page or the Client Portal login screen.

Have I downloaded the correct app?

The correct app icon has a black "cg/" on a white background. There is another app available in app stores for an Indian company called Paterson Securities (no ‘s’ after Paterson). This is not our app. This incorrect app has an orange and blue icon on a white background. 

Why should I set a PIN number?

To make it easier to log in again in the future. Once you set a PIN number you will only need to remember this number to log into the app in the future. You will no longer need to enter your Personal Access Number (PAN) and password each time you log in.

What happens if I forget my PIN?

By clicking “Reset your PIN?” you can delete your old PIN and log in again using your Personal Access Number (PAN) and password. You will then be able to set a new PIN.

Why can’t I log in with a temporary password?

For security reasons, you can’t log into the app using a temporary password that has been mailed/emailed out by Canaccord Genuity Patersons. You need to first log into the Client Portal with your temporary password and set a new password of your choosing. This new password can then be used to log into the app.

What do I do if I don’t know my Personal Access Number (PAN) or password?

If you don’t know your PAN or password, you can request a PAN reminder or new temporary password on the app login page or via the Client Portal. 

Why isn’t every feature on the Client Portal available on the app?

There are a few features, available on the Client Portal, that are temporarily unavailable on the app. These are being worked on at the moment and will be made available in the next release, currently scheduled for June. These soon-to-be-released features include Watchlists, Charting and Stock Comparison.

Can I download the app on an iPad?

Unfortunately, we do not support iPad’s at this point in time. We will look to include support for these devices in a future release.