Australian Investor Summer 2019
Australian Investor Summer 2019

The Summer edition of Australian Investor is available now. Featuring a look at what the new decade may bring, as well as Economic Outlook, Asset Allocation Tilts, Investment Strategy Update, and Best Investment Ideas.

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Investment Outlook and Recommendations

The current global slowdown looks like the mini slowdowns in 2012 and 2015-16, as business conditions indicators have slowed but remain far from global financial crisis levels. While the slowdown has persisted for longer than expected, primarily due to the escalating trade wars, a global recession remains unlikely, barring a major external shock. Global business conditions PMIs have actually increased over the last few months suggesting that monetary easing may be getting traction. Global growth is likely to average around 3.3% in 2020, up from around 3% in 2019.

Feature | Uncharted Waters - 2020 and Beyond

There are a few weeks to go until the end of the decade. Financial markets have had their fair share of economic and political events to deal with, including the European debt crisis, the election of President Trump, the Brexit referendum, and rising trade tensions. The world’s central banks have by-and-large pursued “unconventional” monetary policy to support their economies after the global financial crisis, leading to previously unheard of phenomena such as negative yielding debt.
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