Patersons Market Outlook Seminar Highlights
Patersons Market Outlook Seminar Highlights

The May 2018 Patersons Market Outlook Seminars from Private Wealth Analyst, Greg Galton have come to an end. Read the highlights from these presentations here.

Patersons Market Outlook Seminars represent an excellent opportunity for our clients to learn about the latest trends and movements in world equity markets from our trusted Research Analysts. This year, our first round of Market Outlook Seminars; Getting the Balance Right, focused on building a strong and balanced portfolio to grow your wealth over the long term.


During May, Patersons Private Wealth Analyst Greg Galton presented 16 Market Outlook Seminars across Australia. Attended by over 580 clients in 8 cities, Greg gave his valuable insight on a number of relevant issues to today’s market situation. With a focus on both domestic and global equity markets as well as other key asset classes, Greg provided practical information for the attendees looking to build and protect their wealth in the long term.


Key insights from the presentations included:

  • Key issues impacting local and global economic growth
  • Greg’s opinion on preferred sectors and stocks to balance your portfolio and take advantage of key trends in the market
  • Investment strategy advice based on clients’ personal goals and risk profile

Feedback from attendees was very positive, with many of the participants complimenting the relevant and clear nature of Greg’s presentation and the information provided. Take a look at some of these comments from the attendees of May’s ‘Market Outlook Seminar – Getting the Balance Right’ below:

“The high quality of Greg's presentation helped to reassure me that the future will continue to be secure for share investors like myself”
“We found Greg's broad picture with specifics thrown into the mix very good and most interesting”
“Wealth of info, well presented. Easy to listen”


A short video outlining the highlights from the presentation is available here.


A full video of the presentation will be available on the Patersons Client Portal.


If you missed out on May’s Market Outlook Seminars don’t worry, there will be another chance to take advantage of Patersons research and insights later this year. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.