Patersons Mining Services Review
Patersons Mining Services Review


The mining services industry is one that often gets ignored due to an overly negative sentiment towards contracting risk. This report aims to shed some light on the industry by highlighting the vast differences in business strategy, profitability, growth opportunities and inherent risk that can be found within the sector.

The below is a preview from our Mining Services Review research report. To view this report in full visit the Patersons Client Portal or contact your Adviser.

Mining Services Review - February 2019

We are looking forward to a very strong FY19 for the mining services sector with an average 25% in forecast revenue growth across the sector as a whole, year on year. We see growth coming from the c.$10bn in expansion iron ore projects in the Pilbara, new and expanding gold projects on the back of an excellent gold price in AUD terms and the continued investment in the Queensland coal sector. Given the growth phase the sector is in, we believe a number of companies appear to be significantly undervalued which presents a fantastic opportunity to enter the sector. In this report we aim to detect trends within the industry and identify our top investment picks for FY19. 

Warning: This report is intended to provide general securities advice, and does not purport to make any recommendation that any securities transaction is appropriate to your particular investment objectives, financial situation or particular needs. Prior to making any investment decision, you should assess, or seek advice from your Adviser, on whether any relevant part of this report is appropriate to your financial circumstances and investment objectives.