The New Patersons Client Portal has Launched
The New Patersons Client Portal has Launched

Our new Client Portal has launched, which will replace our existing Client Website. The new portal includes a raft of new features to help you invest wisely and manage your Patersons accounts. We want to share a summary of some of the exciting new functionality the portal will provide.

A modern user interface and mobile-optimised browsing experience

With a brand new look and mobile-responsive interface, you can view your portfolio and research the market on either your desktop or mobile device.


Secure online account management

Update your contact details and linked bank accounts online, as well as authorising account changes requested by joint signatories.  All changes to sensitive data require a PIN code to be sent to your registered mobile phone, ensuring a double layer of verification is enforced before a request is accepted. We keep you informed throughout the process, notifying you by email when a request to change account information has been made and again once the request has been processed.

Powerfully simple portfolio reporting

Access a comprehensive suite of account statements, including current and backdated holdings statements, orders, transaction ledgers, and trade confirmations. In addition to our standard reports, our Accolade clients also have access to detailed reports on capital transactions, cash transactions, income and expenses, realised and unrealised capital gains, portfolio performance, and consolidated quarterly and annual tax reports. All reports are generated at the moment they are requested (using 20 minute delayed market pricing) ensuring you always have up to date information on your accounts. You can also download them in PDF or CSV formats to view offline or share with your accountant.


Access the complete library of Patersons Research products

Whatever your financial goals and investment strategy may be, Patersons expansive library of research publications can help equip you with the knowledge and insight to move forward with confidence. Featured titles include:

Morning Market
A daily outline of overnight activity on international markets

Model Portfolios Update
Monthly adjustments we’ve made to our Income and QVR portfolios with our commentary and rationale.

Australian Investor
Our quarterly investment publication covering investment strategies, economic outlook, asset class performance and recommended stock exposures.

Momentum Monitor
A weekly report monitoring market risks by tracking the support and resistance levels used by high frequency traders and applying the principle of trend identification and mean reversion to identify high probability risk targets.

Quality Investing
A monthly report applying quality and value criteria to find stocks that are most likely to outperform the market in the long term.

High Yield Stocks
A monthly report scanning the S&P/ASX 200 universe for high yielding stocks, and identifying companies that are at risk of not meeting their forecast dividend payments.


Market analysis and stock comparison tools



Look for investment opportunities on the ASX and a host of international markets, using our suite of market analysis, charting and stock comparison tools. Create a watchlist of your shortlisted stocks to review their performance over time.

Comprehensive research coverage and market data for companies on the ASX and international exchanges 

Current market data, in-depth analysis, investment recommendations and detailed company financials for stocks listed on the following exchanges:

Australian Stock Exchange
New York Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Stock Exchange
Singapore Stock Exchange
Irish Stock Exchange
German Stock Exchange
Spanish Stock Exchange
Italian Stock Exchange