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International Equities

A world of investment opportunities

If you wish to buy or sell listed equities on a wide range of international markets, we can provide advice and arrange to execute the trades on your behalf.

The Australian stock market represents about two per cent of all global securities traded.

By trading in international equities, you can diversify your portfolio and increase the number of investment opportunities available to you.

Our International Equities team can:

  • Buy and sell overseas listed equities on approved exchanges on your behalf
  • Provide advice on international equities
  • Manage the safe custody of all holdings in electronic form
  • Facilitate the distribution of dividends payable on those holdings

These are the exchanges that Patersons can currently trade on:

New Zealand New Zealand Stock Exchange (NZX)
Japan Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE)
Hong Kong Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKE)
Singapore Singapore Stock Exchange (SGX)
Canada Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
  Toronto Stock Exchange Ventures (TSXV)
United States Nasdaq (NDQ)
  New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  American Stock Exchange (AME)
 Germany Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSX) Xetra Only
 France Paris Stock Exchange (PAR)
 United Kingdom London Stock Exchange (LSE incl. AIMS)













Download the International Securities Terms and Conditions 

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