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Quality Research

Highly-regarded, award-winning research

Quality research is the essential cornerstone of a successful broker client relationship. It is not sufficient to simply ‘crunch the numbers’.

Our Research Analysts delve beneath the surface to unearth opportunities for our private, corporate and institutional clients.

Our highly-qualified team is based in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne.

Its primary focus is the provision of timely analysis to generate informed comment and opinion.

Our Analysts each specialise in a group of stocks, making personal visits to companies to better understand their current performance and future prospects. Regular research notes are published on companies within the financials, consumer discretionary, consumer staples, health care, industrials, capital goods, information technology, telecommunications, energy, and materials sectors.

Patersons research is released in a series of regular publications, including:

  • Resources Review – A regular publication featuring our assessment of key resources stocks under coverage
  • Monthly Strategic Outlook - Sets the market macro strategy for the month and year ahead enabling you to quickly identify key sector stock recommendations in a framework of overall macro strategy
  • Weekly Market Wrap - Published every Wednesday, covering market news and macro events, views on the ASX 200 and Patersons recommended stocks
  • Quantitative Research – The application of statistical and financial models to provide trading and investing ideas for both institutional and retail clients. Some of the published research includes:
    • The Momentum Monitor – A weekly report which combines technical screens together with leading indicators (e.g. fibonacci, money flow) and contrarian sentiment indicators to monitor stockmarket risk and help traders/investors achieve better entry/exit points
    • High Yields – Identifies high yielding stocks and provides a list of companies at risk of future dividend cuts
    • Reporting Season Review – Analysis of stocks during the reporting season with particular emphasis on profit surprises, outlook statements, earnings revisions and share price reactions
    • Bank Model – Ranks the banks on 8 specific bank factors including profitability, interest margins, efficiency, credit quality, earnings momentum and valuation.
    • Listed Investment Companies – A quarterly report which ranks LICs on premium to NTA, NTA growth, total returns and dividend yields
    • Model Portfolios – A quantitative selection of high quality stocks aimed to outperform the ASX200 Accumulation Index in the long term
  • Morning Market – a morning summary of overnight market movements

To access Patersons publications and research, please indicate on your application form or register online.

Once you have obtained online access you can activate and update email alerts for your preferred publications by going to ‘Update Details’, ‘Change Subscriptions’ in your online account.

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