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Wealth Management Overview

As one of Australia’s leading wealth management firms, Patersons is committed to offering a considered, personal approach to your financial and investment needs.  

Our success has been built on the highly individualised nature of our service and our focus on nurturing long-term relationships with our clients.

With one of the largest retail advisory networks in the nation, we have Office Locations in all mainland states.

Our services include:

  • Stockbroking

    If you have an interest in investing or trading in shares and other listed securities, we can provide immediate and ongoing advice on portfolio construction, execution, research, and the use of derivatives in some circumstances.

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  • Sophisticated Investors

    We have been the most active stockbroker by number of new issues in Australia since 2007, and raised in excess of $7 billion since 2000. Depending on your experience and financial circumstances, you may be eligible to participate in certain exclusive placements or capital raisings.

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  • Accolade Portfolio Management

    Patersons offers a suite of portfolio management services designed for investors who want more than just an occassional phone call.

    Accolade is an invaluable tool to improve the management and analysis of your investments, streamline your administration and provide enhanced tax and portfolio reporting.

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  • Superannuation

    At Patersons, we have a team of specialist advisers who can assist you with both structural and investment advice relating to your superannuation funds.

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  • Financial Planning

    Our Financial Planning service can assist you in organising your financial affairs and achieving your desired lifestyle objectives for today, as well as in retirement.

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  • Margin Lending

    Margin lending allows you to negatively gear your investments (similar to gearing your property) by borrowing against your existing portfolio of approved stocks; or to acquire new investments using your cash equity and the margin loan.

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  • Options & Warrants

    Our accredited Advisers can help you to navigate the complex, but potentially profitable, world of derivatives.

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  • International Equities

    We can offer you trading access to global markets as easily as trading in Australian equities.

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  • Aged Care Advice

We are happy to assist you and to answer any questions you may have about our full range of products and services. To speak with an experienced Adviser, please dial 1300 582 256, call your local Patersons office, or contact us online. If you are a Patersons client, you can also contact your Adviser directly.